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crotchfeeler  24
11-21-2003 10:42 AM CT (US)
I heard a rumor that you bitches broke up
#1 fan  23
07-28-2003 06:57 PM CT (US)
how come nobody uses this? when is a new CD coming out? why don't you stop drinking beer so much and get your asses to work on another CD. WTF one CD and now your done?

I have played this one to the point I am starting to like michael jackson. I know it's good. so make another one pussies.
OfficialErectrons  22
02-11-2002 03:45 PM CT (US)
we're mad about bitches. we didnt used to get enough and it made us pist
KW  21
02-03-2002 05:57 AM CT (US)
Got the CD - thanks - nice work. One question comes to mind - exactly what is it that you - two reasonably successful, conservative, lily-white honkeys are so angry about? What’s your inspiration for such angst?
Thanks for the insight.
OfficialErectrons  20
01-22-2002 08:37 AM CT (US)
yeah, all this touring has caused me to lose weight. you can only nail so many japanese girls before it begins to take its toll.
Wade in LondonTown  19
01-16-2002 05:22 PM CT (US)
Boys-Sweet performance recently in London. I missed the chance to purchase a CD. Any chance you could send me one?
Also, the tall skinny dude needs to hit the gym.
SMB  18
12-17-2001 03:00 PM CT (US)
i wanna be an erectron groupy bitch too.....
12-17-2001 03:00 PM CT (US)
<<< Your next song title....