i kept you i never left you i couldn't put you down and you bruise me and you accuse me you keep on pushin me around it's getting closer to being over you keep me hanging on you pulled your skirt up you tried to cover up but i found you out i've had enough of your abstinence what you kept from me you gave to my friends i've paid the price for your carnal sin and now we're at the end


Warez USA

it's friday night but i'm not going out 'cause i have to get games before they come out i don't have no money but if i did i'd get a faster modem or isdn gimme more speed some people think that i am a geek but i'm king of lamers on irc on channel #sites for free on channel #leach for free on channel #warez for free you know that's where you'll find me


Fight Song

i can tell you're thinkin of something this face is hardly new try to catch your breath before you do it smoke will fill the room but i promise you i got what it takes to make a mess of you did you think i didn't know about it i can hardly stand the view this little group is gettin overcrowded it's time to clear the room i'm gonna paint your face with my fist now that's a cool tattoo i hope you got the gist motherfucker and don't forget your tooth


Sweet Sweet

drivin by the house the other day reminded me of what you used to say "you're cocky and you're hair is blue i don't want to go out with you" but you fell for me and my hopeless display when you rub my back and i tickle your toes i whisper the secrets that nobody knows you won't fall 'cause i hold you up above they said you were too good for me but now it's plain to see we are still in love there will always be a place for me and you each day we turn it in to something new i can't remember the dresses you wear i roll over in bed and i pull your hair baby you've got all of me and i've got you when you look at me with those naughty eyes you're always serving up a sweet sweet surprise you won't fall cause i hold you up above they said you were too good for me but now it's plain to see we are still in love


Battle of New Orleans

In 1814 we took a little trip along with colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississipp. We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we foght the fuckin British in the town of New Orleans.



i cut code by day at night i'm a rocka i got broadband not trumpet winsocka got a visual debugger I'm a bad motherfucker recruiter on the phone but he's just a sucker i'm the bug blaster i burn the gold master we drinkin that dew but we pass on the shasta got a high end card don't need the soundblaster the client pays up because he hasta we got all the tools and the ides 21 inch flat lcd my color laser is full of papyrus bend over sweetheart, I'll infect you with my virus you are old and bald you got the punchcard itch your cobol language was written by a bitch erectron rock burnin down the house the sorry ass mac has a one button mouse banning all your homies on the irc you fuck with me i'll flood your ip i write java, and me asp we don't use nutscrape we use ie to the h to the t to the t to the p I got more ram than billy gates iii auts-swsua you write the code with the memory leaks it takes me one day it takes you two weeks my cpu runs in the gigahertz range going out at night and pickin up the strange i'm illin, chillin, I'm billin by the hour i can rock all night with the ups power i'm a freak with design, my code is bug free i code device drivers in assembly pull up that skirt, it's time to "log in" my music is guided by the force within


Billie Jean search the internet, they are mostly the same as MJs version. Except for I AM THE BOMB. J


Erectron Lover

i saw you across the bar you were sipping a drink you blew a puff of smoke you shot me a wink the music's loud but i can read your mind you're gonna walk on over here baby and go home with me tonight i'm not your brother forget your mother there is no other i'm your erectron lover tonight don't be afraid of me baby you can let down your guard i know when you want it slow and when you want it hard i'll love you till the lights go down i'll make it worth your while you've got my number now sweetheart 'cause i'm just your style



in 1988 i was young and green my dad was on the right but I thought he was mean anchor man dealin out guilt like blow I was only 16 (i guess i didn't know) my uncle was a man who was close to me he taught me why it mattered for a man to be free he fought the fucking japs and he showed no fear but he passed later that year in 1992 i was tall and strong my dad had come back it had been so long we smoked cigarettes and we drank all night and that's when i knew that I was right i was shown what it meant to be a man to love and protect and to take a stand there's only one way you can ride with me to defend freedom and liberty they want to take it all away sell my soul and drift into grey



going in i get the feeling imagery sets me reeling dizzy spiral motion back to primitive little boy emotions wanna love, wanna fuck want to kill don't push your luck like arcade ghosts always pursue you were chasing me now i'm chasing you i'm glad to be here but i want to get back out of this flashback so now i knew what i will know but the light of time casts a shadow lost the black and white found the neon and the strife just yesterday we were innocent cast the stone then commit the sin i think i know what i can be but the girl still has her mystery for consciousness you pay the price ejected from paradise


Red River

over listen to this over get into it me and pauli had a damn good time layin these tracks on a friday night some were sloppy and some were tight erectron tunes make you feel alright 518 cans of beer 21 packs of smokes were near we gonna kick it into high gear this motherfuck took us one year i get in my tacoma i drive to oklahoma we like an icy mug but we don't care for the foam-a we stop in lake dallas for a case of natty light we cross the red river and we start to feel alright did you read the news today bobby stoops is here to stay we were down but now we're number one pauli in the tub in his birthday suit florida orange, the victory fruit fuck you motherfucker break my nose i don't give a shit cause we're goin for

the rose down at the duck pond mackin on a cutie all the chink girls say "you show booty" strut my shit with erectron swagger workin all the hot girls up into a lather now we're on a mission opponent demoltion the sooner nation rollin with the ass-kicking tradition we got the tailgates down and erect-a-trons up-a pop in our CD and let that motherfucker rock-a

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