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Summer, 2009

The music industry and the Erectrons were dealt their biggest loss in recent history when Michael Jackson passed away. MJ was our inspiration for the Billie Jean Cover and the reason behind our vision to someday fill international stadiums sharing our music. This sudden loss has created a sense of urgency for the members of The Erectrons to expedite our return to the big show. We are coming back sooner and stronger than ever. The Billie Jean Cover has become our number selling download!. We are planning a tribute to Michael Jackson Covers so stay tuned....

Billie Jean - MJ Cover

Click on the picture to listen to Billie Jean Cover

Summer, 2006

Thanks to our genious (lucky) choice of a distributor our Garage Band Music CD "Erectrons" is now available for sale in its entirety and also on a per song basis on the following popular music sites:

iTunes - Michael Jackson Cover, Billie Jean
MSN - Garage Band Music by the Electrons
Real/Rhapsody - Listen to Billie Jean
Napster - Billie Jean Cover
Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Billie Jean Cover by Erectrons

Spring, 2006

Wow, there are only 800+ copies of the CD left at this time. So you better get your leeching rears in gear and go BUY your physical copy while you can. It's a race against time to find out if we will run out of CDs or they will kick us off the major music outlets for lack of sales! 

Fall, 2005 FLASH: BREAKING NEWS..............

Some random idiot has broken ranks from the Erectron faithful and has decided to SELL HIS USED ERECTRON CD. Holy CRAP! This is amazing since we have only sold 3 or 4 copies. The guy is trying to undercut our prices on Amazon too! check it out! Someone please tell 'Felix155' he is making a huge mistake. Better yet someone start a website. 

Summer 2005

The Most incredible message board on the Net has been euthanized forevAr. However, it is also archived in it's entirety for all of posterity to enjoy. Don't you wish you had become an Erectron warez rock minion sooner so you could be immortalized?  

Winter 2004

Well our two year tour of obscure European stadium rock venues is over. If you missed our badass rock shows, don't fret, we will be playing again after the next album is out. We haven't started it yet, and we sold the studio for college football gambling money, but as long as our college football bets come through we are set for a new album soon!!

Fall, 2003

Find out if you are a potential warez rock Erectrons Minion: Take the Erectrons Fan Test:

If you answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions, you should immediately buy our CD or leech it.

1. Do you like Ted Nugent more for his political views, attitude, and hunting prowess, but also like his sweet 70's guitar tone?

2. Do you like guns, college football, girls, and other manly shit?

3. Are you a patriotic American who supports the war to defend America from the islamist terrorists and arent ashamed of it?

***Answering yes to ANY of the three instantly qualifies you for a night of beer drinking with us as well, AND you should definitely buy our CD immediately. You may also want to join the NRA, and support the MinuteMen.

"Erectrons Power" the sad story of our Sonique MP3 Player Plug-in

The Erectrons remain, and most likely always will be, the only band in the history of this here earth to record a full blown rock album, AND code their own promotional MP3 Player visual plug-in. In C++ no less! This is where we derive our warez scene cred.

However since we released the album our player of choice Sonique was bought several times and now lives on as some kind of open source project. You can read the story here about Sonique.

Download the Erectrons Power VISUAL PlugIn
for Sonique. Coded by us of course.

Download Source Code for the plugin (VC++). Customize ours or create your own. Compatible with Visual Studio 6 or .NET

Download SoniqueX, the official MP3 player of The Erectrons, you need it to watch the plugin.

The plugin, and source-code is also on the CD, so BUY IT LEECHERS!

Erectrons Tour Live Warez Rock Shows
Our two year exhaustive tour is over. We are now scheduling venues for the next tour in 2012.

Extra stuff for warez rock minions,

(These are also on the enhanced PC CD-ROM portion of the CD)

Learn all the lyrics so you can sing along at our shows like the fans in Tokyo.

Bitc* (Early Demo) - ON THE CD ONLY This was the first full length original Erectrons track laid down in the FAB room.
The Foamy Menace - ON THE CD ONLY Just testing our new equipment long before the FAB room was ready. As noted on the CD, props go to the original author of this.

WarezUSA 1.0 Written and recorded one day in may 1997 by JT, the glorious birth of the Erectrons.

FAB Room Pix See the Erectrons in action, at the exact moment they reached self-actualization.

 The story of Darrian Lynx - and our CD insert Art "Erectron Lover"

We found this airbrush artist on USENET who was posting his cool slut girl art and emailed him a request to do a custom one for our album "5318008". After finding out it was a CHICK who did the art we were really excited.

We sent her $100 bucks for her trouble, and we got some sweet rock art that every 15 year old would love to drool over. Later we found out she was a stripper and a quasi porn-site owner. This kind of grossed us out. Nonetheless, the album art is BAD ASS and you can ONLY get it if you buy a real copy

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